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Spring and summer seasons furniture should pay attention to rust mildew

Time: 2013-09-02 15:06:43     
Now in the spring and summer seasons alternating with temperatures rising gradually but humidity increases, the advent of the rainy season begins. Outdoor furniture should pay attention to rust in addition to mold it durable with; except in accordance with material to clean the outside, had to pick three days or more sunny weather, let the paint dry or protect the paint job.

Imitation rattan class

The most common is the seemingly rattan outdoor furniture, in fact, plastic imitation rattan class, good weather resistance, more suitable for hot and humid weather.

Material Tools: rag, water

Practice: with a rag moistened wipe wrung directly; crevices card if more dirt, use a vacuum cleaner and then wipe.

Timber class

Natural wood furniture style is also very popular, outdoor wood furniture more than mildew treatment, but we need maintenance once a year, or is still easy to mold.

Materials and tools: handguard paint, rags, fine soft brush, sandpaper No. 240

Maintenance had started falling wood furniture encounter Yinyu day, we recommend moved indoors rain, otherwise there mildew, rot risk.

Step1: first moistened cloth wrung the wood furniture surfaces including dust, mold, wax, grease and wipe it again, and all the old film, waiting to dry completely.

Step2: with 240 grain sandpaper along the lines, the indelible stain sanding.

Step3: use a soft brush dipped handguard fine lacquer painted furniture surfaces, such as next day dry and then painted again, furniture anti-Japanese sun, rain resistance is better.


Metal outdoor furniture, although there are anti-rust treatment, but domestic climate, therefore, is still common rust, corrosion, usually without special maintenance, but we must immediately deal with rust appears.

Materials and tools: cloth, iron brush, 60 to 80 sandpaper, iron products with paint, rust, oil paint special brush (such as bristle brush)

Paint plus rust, rust effect of up to four to six years, but the spa area, the beach, the effects will be discounted.

Step1: After wrung cloth furniture surfaces scrubbed, and then rust removal, according to different parts of the optional iron brush or sandpaper repeatedly cleared.

Tips: If rust appears in a large area of the plane, it is recommended to use a shovel scraping, high efficiency.

Step2: brush moistened with special paint, the surface of all the iron furniture painted again, waiting for the day dry and then painted iron products with paint.
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